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What is an Obligee?

An obligee is the entity requiring the bond from the principal. Generally, obligees are branches of local, state, or federal government. These governmental bodies propose, enact, and maintain the statutes and legislature surrounding the requirements to the bond.

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Name City State Actions
Carpenters Joint Trust Funds Las Vegas NV
City Engineer, City of Reno, NV Reno NV
City of Henderson Henderson NV
City of Las Vegas Business Licensing Division Las Vegas NV
City of Las Vegas, NV - Finance & Business Services Las Vegas NV
Clark County, Nevada Las Vegas NV
Commissioner of Mortgage Lending Carson City NV
Commissioner of the Division of Insurance Carson City NV
County of Douglas Minden NV
Division of Health, Bureaus of Licensure and Certification Las Vegas NV
Division of Mortgage Lending Las Vegas NV
Financial Institution Div - Application Processing Carson City NV
IUPAT Local 159 Henderson NV
Las Vegas Valley Water District Las Vegas NV
Motor Carrier Division - DMV Carson City NV
Nevada Athletic Commission Las Vegas NV
Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles Carson City NV
Nevada Department of Taxation Carson City NV
Nevada Division of Industrial Relations - Workers Compensation Section Henderson NV
Nevada Division of Insurance Carson City NV
Nevada DMV Commercial Driver's License Sparks NV
Nevada Secretary of State Carson City NV
Nevada Secretary of State: Notary Division Carson City NV
Nevada State Board of Pharmacy Reno NV
Nevada State Contractors Board Reno NV