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What is an Obligee?

An obligee is the entity requiring the bond from the principal. Generally, obligees are branches of local, state, or federal government. These governmental bodies propose, enact, and maintain the statutes and legislature surrounding the requirements to the bond.

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Name City State Actions
ADLM Counties Environmental Public Health Moravia IA
Bremer County - Building Waverly IA
Calhoun County Public Health Rockwell City IA
City of Altoona Department of Building and Zoning Altoona IA
City of Ankeny - City Clerk Ankeny IA
City of Asbury Dubuque IA
City of Bettendorf Bettendorf IA
City of Burlington Burlington IA
City of Cedar Falls Cedar Falls IA
City of Cedar Rapids Engineering Division Cedar Rapids IA
City of Center Point Center Point IA
City of Charles Building Inspection Dept Charles City IA
City of Clear Lake Clear Lake IA
City of Clinton Clinton IA
City of Coralville Coralville IA
City of Council Bluffs Council Bluffs IA
City of Davenport Davenport IA
City of Des Moines - Engineering Division Des Moines IA
City of Des Moines Metropolitan Wastewater Reclamation Facility Des Moines IA
City of Dewitt Dewitt IA
City of Dubuque Dubuque IA
City of Eldridge Eldridge IA
City of Epworth Epworth IA
City of Fort Dodge Fort Dodge IA