Suretypedia FAQ

What is Moonshot Works?
Moonshot Works is a technology incubator, startup strategy and marketing firm, dedicated to helping incubate and launch impactful businesses, aimed at improving the human condition.
Why did Moonshot Works create
We created Suretypedia as a part of a larger forthcoming suite of startup guides designed to help people launch new businesses. One of the early hurdles for starting a new business is meeting licensing requirements, which often include procuring a surety bond. Researching the topic for our clients proved challenging as a central 3rd party information source did not exist, so we thought we could create value by building one for everyone to use. We believe that the site will prove useful to all surety constituents including the education community, the insurance industry, the organizations (government, quasi-government and private) that establish surety bond requirements and the businesses and individuals who purchase surety bonds.
Where does Suretypedia find information on surety bonds?
Suretypedia sources information on surety bonds from the government agencies and private entities requiring the bonds, aka Obligees; industry experts including attorneys, CPAs, insurance companies and agencies; and directly from published statutes and regulations.
How can I contribute information to Suretypedia?
We plan to continually add topical articles and additional information about specific bond requirements. If you have a depth of insight in a particular area of expertise and would like to provide and/or be featured as a contributor by submitting articles/information, we'd love to hear from you! Look for our contributor page coming soon or contact us with ideas for contributing.
Where are you based?
Moonshot Works is a Corporation registered in California. While we intend to maintain, update and police the site, our goal is for Suretypedia to organically develop into a platform driven by the surety community.
Can we advertise with Suretypedia?
Suretypedia is intended to be an independent, unbiased informational platform. While we are not currently soliciting advertisements on the site, we are investigating ways to ensure impartiality under an advertising revenue model
Can I get an exclusive advertising relationship with Suretypedia?
Since we strive to be an impartial, 3rd party informational resource for everything surety, we do not offer exclusive advertising placement on the site.