Suretypedia State Surety Bonds Information - Kentucky

Below you will find all you need to get started researching surety bonds and/or obligees for the state of Kentucky

Bonds in the state of Kentucky

State Obligee Description Limit View
KY No Obligee Janitorial Services Varies
KY No Obligee Employee Dishonesty Varies
KY City of Flatwoods License/Permit Varies
KY Generic Obligee Generic Varies
KY Kentucky State Board of Hairdressers and Cosmetologists Cosmetology School Varies
KY County of Grant Transient Merchant Varies
KY City of Russellville Sign Contractor Varies
KY Lewis County Health Department Septic System Installer Varies
KY Generic Obligee Pawnbroker Varies
KY City of Madisonville Pawnbroker Varies
KY Bullitt County Clerks Office Holding Tank Varies
KY City of Covington Auctioneer Varies
KY No Obligee Subdivision Varies
KY Generic Obligee Concessionaire Varies
KY Generic Obligee Pole Attachment Varies

Obligees in the state of Kentucky

Name City State Actions
Bowling Green Municipal Utilities Bowling Green KY
City of Covington Covington KY
City of Crescent Springs Crescent Springs KY
City of Flatwoods Flatwoods KY
Louisville-Jefferson County Metro Department of Public Works Louisville KY
Louiville Metro Department of Inspections Permits and Licenses Louisville KY
City of Russellville Russellville KY
Kentucky Utilities Company Harrodsburg KY
Knoxville Utilities Board Knoxville KY
Sanitary District 1 Fort Wright KY
Bullitt County Clerks Office Shepherdsville KY
City of Paducah Paducah KY
Kentucky Boxing and Wrestling Authority Frankfort KY

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